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Classified information protection

The Office of the National Security Council and Classified Information Protection is an expert governmental service with the capacity of a legal person and competences for performing the specific tasks of ensuring, monitoring and supervising the Classified Information Law implementation.

Within its remit relating to the system of classified information protection, the Council Office acts in accordance with the Law on Classified Information and the pertinent regulations governing that thematic area.

Pursuant to the provisions of the above law, the Council Office’s tasks are to:

  • receive applications of the public authorities for issuing security sertificates for access to classified information, and act upon such applications for issuing certificates and permits;
  • issue personnel and facility security clearances for access to classified information;
  • provide the above security clearances and informs their users of the prescribed conditions for handling CI, as well as with legal and other consequences of its unauthorized use;
  • ensure the implementation of standards and regulations in the field of CI protection;
  • propose security questionnaires forms;
  • propose templates for recommendations, clearances and permits;
  • keep a record of issued clearances or perimits, as well as a record of denials of such applications;
  • organizes trainings for CI users in line with the applicable standards and regulations;
  • propose to the Government a CI protection plan in case of contingencies and emergencies;
  • revoke classification of information in accordance with the provisions of the Law on classified information;
  • perform tasks relating to the CI protection upon the cessation of activities of the public authorities without legal successors and performs tasks relating to CI protection;
  • take over CI from the public authorities that have ceased to operate and do not have their legal successors or entrusts another public authority with the safeguarding and use of such CI;
  • cooperate with the public authorities in the implementation of this law within its remit;
  • perform other tasks as provided by the relevant law on classified information and related regulations;
  • submit to the Government an annual report on the acitivities performed within its remit;
  • establish, manage and safeguard the Central Registry of foreign classified information and documents;
  • ensure the fulfillment of international commitments and concluded international agreements between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and other countries or international bodies and organizations in the field of CI protection, and cooperate with the counterpart bodies of foreign countries and international organizations;
  • inform a foreign country or an international organization of the security of foreign CI provided through the international exchange;
  • receive information from a foreign country or an international organization on the security of CI released by the Republic of Serbia in the international exchange.