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Budget – Information on revenues and expenses

The affairs and tasks referred to in Article 9, paragraph 1 of the Law on the budget system (“Official Gazette RS“, No. 54/09, 73/10, 101/10, 101/11 and 93/12; “Official Gazette RS“, No. 54/2009, 73/2010, 101/2010, 101/2011, 93/2012, 62/2013, 63/2013 - corrigendum, 108/2013 and 142/2014) imply activities on the preparation and drafting of a financial plan, procurement proposal and plan, distribution of resources within approved appropriations, preparation and completion of documentation for executing a financial plan, performing tasks related to the management of the state property which is the direct user’s responsibility, keeping financial records and approximation to the Treasury ledger and making consolidated periodical annual reports, as well as other financial and material affairs.

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